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Thai massage Interlaken relaxing session
Thai massage Interlaken relaxing session

Welcome To The Home Of Tailored Made Massage

At Thai London Therapy, we offer authentic Thai massage treatments tailored to your unique needs. Our highly skilled therapists bring decades of expertise from Thailand's most prestigious academies. Experience ultimate relaxation in the serene setting of Interlaken, Switzerland.

Thai massage Interlaken relaxing session
Thai massage Interlaken relaxing session
Thai massage Interlaken relaxing session

Our Treatments

Experience Our Award-Winning Therapies

Indulge in our signature Thai massages, designed to soothe your mind and rejuvenate your body. From deep tissue and sports massages to relaxing and hot stone therapies, our treatments are crafted to provide exceptional care and comfort.

Price List

  • 30 min: 50 CHF

  • 60 min: 100 CHF

  • 90 min: 130 CHF

  • 120 min: 170 CHF

  • 60 min: 180 CHF

  • 90 min: 250 CHF

  • 120 min: 340 CHF

Thai massage Interlaken relaxing session

Wellness Experiences

Our signature therapies combine traditional Thai techniques with modern wellness practices. Whether you're looking for a rejuvenating massage or a couples retreat, our treatments ensure you leave feeling revitalized and stress-free.


Indulge in ultimate regenerative therapy. Let us release tension from your neck and shoulders, untangle knots in your back, invigorate your legs, and rejuvenate tired arms.


Step out revitalized & vibrant, feeling your muscles and skin restored, your sight improved, your mood radiant. Relax as stress dissolves, feel power as you can surmount any challenges.


Rekindle that dream team feel by experiencing a luxurious massage therapy session in the same room.


Treatments are uniquely tailored to your individual needs by our expert therapists, so you receive the personalized care you deserve.


Fusing Thai massage, deep tissue techniques, hot volcanic stones: we create a memorable moment for you both.


An ancient technique perfected over millennia, we perform the massage on an extra-wide table to enhance your comfort.


Thousands of hours of practice ensure you will experience your body invigorate, your mind relax.  We work holistically along energy meridians, addressing trigger points and applying gradual pressure as your body responds.


The classic Thai yoga stretches we incorporated improve flexibility and increase range of movement.


The perfect massage therapies for people looking stronger pressure and vigorous movements. This therapy is efficient to release chronic tension stored in the deeper layers of our bodies and rid of lactic acid.


The special final touch comes from hot stone therapy, as we conduct volcanic rock heat through skin, into fascia and muscles. Improved circulation and oxygen flow leaves you feeling serene and rejuvenated.


Ultimate relaxation with soothing massage therapy designed to ease away tension and promote deep calmness throughout your body.


A gentle rhythm, distinctive strokes, essential oils, tender caring: drift into serenity. Worry not if you doze off - it's a sign it worked!


Volcanic stones' heat activates energy points to harmonize and balance body & mind. Warm oil and special massage sequences relieve tense and tired muscles.


Hot stone massage will uplift emotions and brighten your mind. Volcanic stones ground you, promoting inner peace & tranquility.


Head, neck & shoulder therapy comes with obvious direct impact, yet also delivers more subtle benefits.


Cranial massage will brighten your mimic and smile, acting as a powerful facial. Incredibly effective, chose 30, 60 or 90-minute treatments.


Aside from the obvious benefits of alleviating tired legs and lumbar area, Thai Foot Massage is used treat illnesses.


Unblocking energy flow on your feet will beneficially reflect on internal organs and other parts of the body. Pleasant and efficient, chose from sessions lasting 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

Professional Thai therapist at Interlaken spa


Yana discovered a passion for creating exceptional wellness spaces during her studies.


Her goal was to establish a premium massage spa brand offering unparalleled service by highly skilled professionals.


Yana honed her craft on exclusive cruise liners and at prestigious 5-star hotels. Starting with a single therapy room in London, she expanded Thai London Therapy into a top-rated brand.


After achieving success in London, she expanded to Marrakesh and now to Interlaken, Switzerland, continuing to deliver top-tier wellness experiences.

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